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Episode-8- Prioritizing Family Time in a Digital Age

The Question:

Dear coach, I am 34 years old married man with 2 kids, aged 8 and 6 years. I’m seeking guidance on a situation that’s been causing tension in my marriage. My wife has developed a strong addiction to taking selfies and creating reels, and it’s starting to interfere with our relationship. Although I’ve always been supportive of her interests, the amount of time she dedicates to this craze keeps increasing, leaving me feeling suffocated.

Mostly during outings, she prioritizes capturing the perfect shot over being present with us. I’ve tried discussing my concerns with her, explaining how her obsession affects our family life, she misinterpreted my intentions and believes I’m trying to stifle her passion. I want to find a solution where we can strike a balance, enjoying our lives as a family while she can still pursue her hobbies.

How can I approach this situation with empathy and understanding? How can I convey the importance of quality family time without making her feel restricted? Any advice on finding a compromise and strengthening our family bond would be greatly appreciated.

Coach’s Insights & Guidance:

I understand your situation and it’s natural to feel frustrated and suffocated when your partner’s obsession starts to affect your relationship. But at the same time you need to understand her perspective and motivations as well. It’s essential to understand that different people have different interests and ways of expressing themselves. What may be enjoyable for one person might not be the same for someone else.

So it’s important for couples to communicate openly and find a balance that respects both partners’ needs and desires. Let me tell you that dialogue done with calmness and at right time brings positive results. And for that you need to create a safe space where you both can express your thoughts and feelings without any judgment or blame. Approach your wife with a sincere and caring tone; you can start the conversation by saying, “I can see that being creative and sharing your experiences through selfies and reels brings you joy and fulfillment. I want to find a way to appreciate your interests while ensuring we also have quality time as a family.” By demonstrating understanding and empathy, you can open the door to a more meaningful and compassionate dialogue. You can add, “I feel like our kids are missing out on creating memories with both of us. I wanted to talk about how we can find a balance between your hobbies, our family time, and ensuring that our children have our attention and involvement.” By including the children in the conversation, you can emphasize the importance of their well-being and highlight the need for a solution that benefits the entire family.

Both of you can discuss on this matter and find a compromise, such as your wife designating an hour or two each day for her personal creative pursuits and you being her best supporter. This will allow her to indulge in her hobbies while ensuring that there is still enough time for family bonding.

With mutual consent designate specific areas or times where devices are used minimally, such as during meals, outings, or dedicated family bonding time. This can minimize distractions and encourage active participation and connection.

Another interesting thing could be to collaborate with your wife on content creation (if both are interested). Instead of solely focusing on making personal reels, suggest her involving the whole family in the process making it a fun experience that everyone can enjoy.

Lovingly, remind your wife to take breaks from making reels and immerse herself fully in the present moment to enjoy the experience with the family.

Incase, she continues to prioritize making reels during the proposed alternative activities, it may be necessary to address the issue with open communication and gentle reminders of the agreed-upon compromises. Remind her about the importance of being present and fully engaged during the agreed-upon family activities. Reinforce the understanding that these moments are meant for quality time as a family and emphasize the value of creating shared memories.

It is important to approach the situation with understanding and patience, emphasizing the shared goal of enjoying quality time as a family. By addressing the issue openly and finding solutions together, you both can work towards a healthier balance that accommodates both your wife’s creative interests and the needs of the family.

Hope with this guidance you will be able to create a space for meaningful dialogue, and we wish that your family bond grows stronger with each passing moment. Happy life to you!

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