LIFEINSYNC’S Coffee Meet for Personal Growth

I’m thrilled to share that our recent coffee meetup (24/01/24) was a wonderful success! A heartfelt thank you to each participant who contributed to the positive energy and engaging atmosphere. The cozy cafe (Forennte Patisserie) provided the perfect backdrop for our gathering, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that set the stage for great conversations and connections.

LIFEINSYNC’S Interactive strength card session

The highlight of the meetup was our interactive strength card session designed to unlock participants’ hidden strengths, where everyone actively engaged and shared insights. It was a fun and insightful activity that added a unique touch to our personal growth and self reflection journey.

I want to express my gratitude to Amy Adhlakha, the founder of PINKONNECT, whose presence was particularly impactful, offering inspiration, guidance, and personal attention to all attendees. Her commitment to fostering a supportive community was visible throughout the event, creating an inclusive space for everyone.

Amy Adhlakha & Sheela

The Pinkonnect members themselves, a friendly bunch of capable entrepreneurs, made the event even more enjoyable. This positive aspect made the entire experience enriching for each participant. The positive energy and collaborative spirit in the room made the entire experience enriching for everyone involved.


I extend my heartfelt thanks to the universe for bringing us together as a group. Everyone’s presence and participation has made this event memorable, and I am already looking forward to our next coffee meetup. Here’s to more moments of growth, connection, and shared inspiration! Thank you all for making this event a memorable and fulfilling occasion!

See you in our next coffee meet soon!

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4 months ago

Wishing I was there Sheela! Sounds like an awesome time. All the best!

Fizzah Shaikh
Fizzah Shaikh
2 months ago

Thank you very much,Sheela!! 😌. Because of your interactive session , I actually realised what was my long forgotten dream in an instant.Had a very warm ,cozy vibe,so I was very comfortable with the discussion ☺️