About Sheela

Sheela is an ICF/CCA Certified Happiness Coach, an experienced teacher and a mentor with over 15 years of experience across the globe.

A Life Coach

Sheela is a certified happiness coach. She believes in the power of making our dreams come true, and has helped her clients to reach their dream goals.

She guides her clients to search the answers hidden inside them, she empowers them to realise their own self worth and help them to improve the quality of their lives.

Through group coaching she has been helping women of all ages to discover true happiness by getting their heart and mind together and improving their quality of life.

She wishes everyone to use this awareness so their dreams do not remain the dreams, in fact they become a reality.

An Educator

Sheela is a Cambridge ESL examiner, and an experienced educator having worked in India, UAE and China covering wide variety of aspects related to education. She specialises in teaching young learners and adults.

She holds a Masters degree in English from UAE, Advanced International TESOL Certificate from Global Tesol College Canada (Shanghai), Diploma in TEFL from Bridge Linguatec with specialization in teaching young learners and adults.

She always enjoys spreading awareness among her learners through different life skill projects & workshops using interesting and simplified methodology.

www.ourownkids.org and Urban Tutor is her sincere initiative for the children of all ages, because she believes that such activities help expand our children’s horizons.

Motiviation is changing someone's life by
changing their thinking positively!