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Sunshine on my window

One beautiful day, the warm sun filtered through the corner of my window, enticing me to smile and encouraging me to do my best while it shines. I adore these patches of light falling on the floor, moving along the room with the passing time. They transform from cozy and comforting to intense and bright, and then they fade away stealthily into the evening sky, leaving my room with a promise of the next day’s hope.

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But what if clouds block it from entering my window? I felt a twinge of doubt! I began to worry. It’s not just the light I crave—it’s the cheerfulness, the hope, and the positivity it brings. These elements help me cope with the gloomy, depressing feelings that can take over when the weather turns dark.

What should I do? What if I could invite the sunshine into my home to stay forever? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Then, every day would feel the same—bright and full of promise.

Unknowingly, as I sat there anticipating the fear of tomorrow, I began to write down my feelings. I read aloud what I had written, and something shifted inside me. It was an AHA moment! I realized I could articulate my thoughts and express myself, and also find better clarity and understanding in my emotions. I felt wonderful, and I began journaling from that moment on.

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Since then, whenever I pen down my emotions, it creates new moments around me where the impossible becomes possible, and doubts become clear. In other words, it has a miraculous effect on me. My way of thinking has transformed; my mind now reasons, and my heart loves more deeply. Natural vices have started to follow the path of positivity, joining with virtue.

My once galloping mind is now under the control of inspirational reading and writing. I take a daily dose of it to enlighten my mind. Therefore, when I see the world from that window of clarity, I become compassionate, and that compassion brings contentment within me. The clarity of thoughts and actions produces amazing results, so now, I have managed to make that sunshine stay with me forever!

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Writing has now become a world of my own, a place where I frequently escape to meet my expressions and creativity.

As a life and happiness coach, I encourage everyone to find their own sunshine. Whether through writing, art, music, or any form of self-expression, discover what brings light into your life and let it shine brightly. By doing so, you can navigate through life’s cloudy days with resilience and joy, transforming every moment into an opportunity for growth and positivity. Embrace the power of your inner light and let it guide you to a more fulfilling and contented life.


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55 minutes ago

This article beautifully captures the transformation power of journaling. I feel inspired to find my inner sunshine:)