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Episode-6- New Motherhood: How to Navigate Change & Cultivate Connection

Question: Dear Coach, I am reaching out to you for guidance and support in a situation that’s been troubling me as a new mother. I am thrilled about being a mom, but I’m experiencing conflicting emotions that I can’t seem to resolve on my own or share with anyone near me. I have this constant fear of losing the connection I had with my husband before our baby was born. Although I temporarily left my job to care for our child, I find myself plagued by thoughts that my husband might change and and not remain the same as he was before, even without any evidence to support this fear.

These thoughts are taking a toll on me and I feel unable to fully embrace motherhood and enjoy this special time with my child. I feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to cope with these feelings. That’s why I am seeking your expertise and guidance. I believe that with your help, I can navigate this situation and find a way to regain peace of mind and strengthen my bond with both my child and my husband. Thank you in advance for your understanding and assistance.

Coach’s Insights & Guidance: I understand that you’re going through a challenging time, and it’s commendable that you’re seeking advice and support. It is natural for a new mother to have such thoughts because becoming a parent brings big changes in life. It brings along the feelings of happiness, and at the same time there can be anxiety and insecurities. In your case when you fear losing connection with your partner, it comes from worries about how things may change and the added responsibilities of caring for your child. So, the hormonal changes and the demands of being a mother can make emotions stronger and create such concerns. These thoughts are common and can be addressed with understanding and support.

The very first thing you should do is to ask yourself two simple questions:

Is this thought useful?

How it’s making me behave?

By taking a moment to reflect and answer these questions honestly, you can gain clarity about your worries and can feel light to follow the rest of the steps.

Have open and honest conversation with your partner

Next, have an open and honest conversation with your husband by expressing your feelings and fears in a calm and non-confrontational manner. For example, “I’ve been feeling a bit anxious lately about our relationship changing after having our baby. I really value our connection and want to make sure we’re on the same page. Can we take some time to talk about how we’re feeling and find ways to support each other during this transition?” By expressing your concerns without being direct will open the door for communication, allowing you both to express your thoughts, concerns, and find ways to support each other. This step can help create a foundation of understanding and empathy, enabling you both to work together towards resolving your worries and strengthening your relationship.

Take overall care of yourself

Now the next step is the most important step! You have to take overall care of yourself, while taking care of your little one. It’s quite challenging, but it is crucial for your well-being. Make the below mentioned tips a part of your routine and you’ll see that they’ll soon become your habit.

  • Take advantage of your baby’s nap times. Take rest when your baby rests. This will energise you and promote overall well-being.
  • Look for some time in the day where you can engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation. It could be reading a book, listening to music, writing, or practicing deep breathing exercises.
  • Take care of physical health by eating nutritious meals, staying hydrated, doing gentle exercises.
  • Amidst the demands of caring for a baby a mother should be calm and happy, for this simple mindfulness exercises can help reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and promote a sense of calm.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for and accept help from family, friends, or even hired caregivers. Allowing others to assist with tasks such as feeding, diaper changes, or household chores can provide you with some much-needed time for self-care.
  • Reach out to your support network, whether it’s friends or other new mothers, and share your experiences.
Build trust and intimacy with your partner

Engage in activities that foster trust and intimacy with your partner. For instance, plan a date night or a weekend getaway where you can reconnect and strengthen your bond. Engage in shared interests, such as cooking together or taking walks as a family. Setting aside quality time for each other, engaging in shared interests, and expressing appreciation and gratitude for one another can strengthen the bond of trust between you and your husband.

Tips to fully embrace motherhood and enjoy this special phase of your life:
  • Engage all your senses when interacting with your baby, and fully appreciate their tiny details, sounds, and movements. Feel the joy and wonder of each interaction.
  • Hugging your baby and sensing their feel releases calming hormones, and can enhance the sense of connection between you and your little one.
  • Take photos or videos to capture special moments with your baby. Looking back at these memories can bring joy and help you appreciate the beautiful moments you’ve shared.
  • Take your baby on outings to explore their surroundings. Play with them, sing songs and talk to them to start their awareness to the world.
Seek support if needed

If your fears persist and continue to impact your relationship, consider reaching out to a counselor or a coach who specializes in relationships or postpartum support. They can provide guidance, help you process your emotions, and offer coping strategies.

It’s natural to experience changes and concerns after becoming a parent. With patience, understanding, and professional guidance, you can navigate these challenges and foster a healthy and loving environment for your child and your relationship.

Hope these insights would help you navigate this phase of motherhood with confidence, love, and joy. Embrace the blessings of being a mother and cherish the precious moments that unfold. Trust in your abilities, and remember that you are not alone, you can connect with me whenever you need help. May this incredible gift of motherhood bring you happiness and fulfilment.

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1 year ago

This query so resonates with me! I feel like I’m not the only one experiencing this overwhelm, so now I feel like it’s okay to feel this way and work through it. Thank you!