Expand your wings

“Don’t just rest in your nest, spread your wings and find your zest!!”

Vijaya Raje Lakshmi

If you want to progress in life, go in directions you have never been and take actions you have never taken before. Like any job, it requires dedication and persistence to get it right and with excellence. If you are doing so, you are expanding your wings to soar high in the sky.

It might be challenging at times, you might stumble on some occasions, but the more you keep going, the more you will succeed in life. So when you are here, reading this post… it means that you have already discovered your passion and want to take it to another level, isn’t it that?

You can expand your wings by following these 10 tips

Step out of your comfort zone and expand your activities or try new ones, because following the regular day to day pattern prevents us from progressing in life.

Count your difference as an asset– Do not try to ignore that different skill of yours or fit in with the given societal format, instead develop and nourish your difference and show it to the world. Be the author of your own story.

Engage in a productive network- For exposure and growth, it needs like-minded individuals with the right mindset that make you stand out from the crowd. Through networking you are able to cultivate productive personal relationships for your business or service. Think about the groups you belong to. Are they serving the purpose of your intention?

Look at the brighter side of every situation- Believe it or not everything has a silver lining. Every situation whether favourable or unfavourable brings with itself a growth opportunity. You only have to look for that opportunity and accept it.

Learn from the experts in the field- It’s crucial to learn from professionals of your field since it gives you knowledge about how people think and solve problems. This can be really fulfilling and give your work a strong sense of purpose.

Keep positive mindset- If you think happy and positive thoughts, you will attract events or circumstances with the same frequency. In simple words, positive thoughts attract positive energy, and negative thoughts attract negative energy.

Be ready for the change- It is obvious that any significant change brings along with some sort of discomfort. By accepting the fact that there will be uncomfortable times before you proceed to your next phase, you can prepare yourself for success.

Face your fears- Don’t let your fears hold you back. you need to face your fears because doing so allows you to develop your personality. You won’t be able to leave the zone where you are now… if you don’t learn to face your fears.

Enjoy your company- You should love yourself first. It involves getting to know and accept yourself as you are. Spending time alone is a beneficial practise because it helps you get to know yourself better, it boosts your emotional health, and develops a positive relationship with yourself. You can only expect love from others after you are in love with yourself.

Be creatively expressive- Being creatively expressive means one should use their mind and imagination to create something that represent their identity. Creative expression can be seen through music, art, drama, crafting, writing, photography etc. How do you express yourself creatively?

Find a Mentor– A mentor is someone who supports you through challenging situations, such as transitioning into a new role or completing your tasks, and who also gives you guidance and motivation to take new opportunities. The right mentor can change your life. So, identify your goals and be specific about what you want and then find the right people to mentor you. Success doesn’t happen overnight, so keep in mind and know that it will take time for your dreams to materialise.

Awareness, understanding and acceptance help you to move forward to do actions that will benefit your success and well-being in life. So embrace the changes and opportunities in life with an optimistic approach and expand your horizons.

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