It’s OK to not be OK!

It’s OK to not be OK!

Someone: How are you?

You: I am fine.

How many times have you pretended, that your life is going great?

Life is not always great, it can be hard at times, but being authentic makes you real and natural.

Here it does not mean that you need to spill out all your worries and troubles to the people around you. Instead, it means that ‘being real’ about not being okay with people you trust can work as being true to your own-self.

In order to show a false image of being fine we wear a mask of ‘I am fine.’ It’s a heavy burden to carry, so allow yourself to experience the freedom of being true and connect with people who can receive and understand your feelings.

You don’t have to be under the facade of being the “strong one.” You’re not vulnerable, you’re human, and you never have to feel bad for that.

So instead of saying I am fine, you can tell your genuine feeling, such as:


I am feeling SAD

I am feeling DEPRESSED

I am feeling STRESSED

I am feeling LOST & CONFUSED

I am feeling ANXIOUS

I am feeling OVERWHELMED


“I hope you remember your own strength and know that asking for help is also a sign of strength.” — Gabrielle Tomasko

If you feel uncomfortable to speak to someone , talk to yourself about how exactly do you feel during such times. Also check this…Self Reflection – Quick Tips

So, what makes it difficult for you to be open about what’s going on in your life?

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Disclaimer – This article is a personal view of the author.