Coaching Programs

“Happiness is a direction, not a place”

What is Happiness?
Happiness is an inside feeling, and it’s not at all influenced by the outside situations.

How to create happiness?
If you have full control over your feelings … you not only control how you feel but actually dictate your body and mind on how to feel and react.
So creating your own happiness becomes an easy task once you understand this whole process.
Over the span of 5 weeks you will learn the process of creating your own happiness!

How a Coaching Program Transforms:
After the coaching you are able to:
*Learn the process of dictating your mind and actions
*Self reflect and find your Ikigai
*Discover your strengths
*Awaken the dreamer in you
*Plan a strategy to reach your happiness goals

Program takeaway:
A new version of YOU!

More about the program

Lifeinsync programs are created with client centric methodology, where the process of creating one’s own happiness becomes easy and interesting to learn.
These are exclusive one on one/small group workshops, where you get personalised coaching for your happiness goals, and experienced mentoring on how to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Coaching programs includes a complete package of happiness coaching, interactive activities, tools and techniques for personal development, challenges, fun activities for a happier you!

Why choose coaching programs?
*When we are happy we become more compassionate, creative, energetic, financially successful, emotionally and physically healthy, and effective and productive… overall our performance at all levels increases to a greater extent.
*Our lives improves dramatically and in general we become the better versions of ourselves.
*Not only at personal and social level, a happy culture in organisations and workplaces means happy employees, a happy way of being, reduced stress levels and reduced absenteeism, and therefore less medical claims.
*Employees show greater commitment, confidence, contributions and full potential.

Benefits of Lifeinsync’s specially designed programs
They help you in:
*Developing new skills
*Being more energetic and active
*Being more productive
*Expanding comfort zone
*Overcoming weaknesses
*Having greater self-control and coping abilities
*Developing empowering habits
*Clarifying goals and priorities
*Accepting changes mindfully
*Building confidence
*Dealing with mid life crisis

Welcome to Lifeinsync’s Happiness Programs!